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 We provide a wide range of services to individuals and businesses seeking assistance with visa-related matters.

Flyworld tours is one stop solution for all type visas and we process 30 days visa in just 3 working days. Bring your friends and relatives to your destination country with minimum efforts.

Please send us your passport copy to and wait for the call from our tours department. You can be relaxed and our visa consultants will assist you in every steps.

visa process

visa process

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  1.  Visa Consultation:*
    – Providing information on visa requirements, eligibility criteria, and application procedures for different countries.
  2. Assistance:*

    – Assisting with the preparation and completion of visa application forms.
    – Reviewing documentation to ensure all required materials are accurate and complete.

  3. Document Verification:*
    – Verifying the authenticity of supporting documents to meet the visa application requirements.
  4. Submission and Collection:*
    – Submitting visa applications to the relevant consulates or embassies on behalf of clients.
    – Collecting passports and visa stamps after the application process is complete.
  5. Appointment Scheduling:*
    – Coordinating visa application appointments and interviews with embassy or consulate officials.
  6. Travel Itinerary Planning:*
    – Assisting with travel itinerary planning, including flight and accommodation arrangements, to meet visa requirements.
  7. Visa Extension/Renewal:*
    – Providing guidance and assistance for extending or renewing existing visas.
  8. Appeal Process:*
    – Assisting clients in the appeal process if a visa application is denied.
  9. Legal Advice:*
    – Offering legal advice on immigration matters and visa regulations.
  10. Corporate Services:*
    – Assisting businesses with work permits, business visas, and other corporate immigration services.
  11. Updates on Immigration Policies:*
    – Keeping clients informed about changes in immigration policies and procedures.